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Get your beauty sleep and rest those lashes safley. Sleep masks are over looked and often forgotten but are extreamly important to protect your skin, lashes and sleep. This sleep mask is made of thin 100 % satin material allowing your skin the breathe with bamboo wadding for added care. The skin around our eyes is very fragile and sleeping can cause creasing and early signs of aging, protecting your eyes with this soft Satin should become of your night time ritual. 

Girls with fresh lashes this is something you need to be using to prevent flattening your lashes and causing them to not maintain their lift or ruin your extensions. The Ari Satin Sleep Mask should be partnered with our Vitamin E Overnight Serum for best results.

Ari Satin Sleep Mask

  • Directions: The Ari Satin Sleep Mask should be used nightly thoughout your sleep to protect and maintain your eyes and lashes. *Hand Wash Only*