*2 pack* ✔ Vegan ✔ Sustainably Packaged ✔ Australian & Produced
Whats better then one... two! Sold in a twin pack with both our Rose Gold & Ice Blue. The Ari Satin Scrunchie is perfect for helping your hair heal. Much like sleeping with a satin or silk pillow by using thise scrunchie you will be stopping the damage normal hair ties can cause. The Ari Satin Scrunchie is perfect for thick and thin hair preventing unnecessary friction, breakage lessening that frizz & no more tie creases!

Ari Satin Scrunchie 2pk

  • Directions: The Ari Satin Scrunchie should replace the use of standard hair tie which can be harsh to your hair however should especially be used at night while you rest to ensure your hair is up and safe in it's soft satin wrap.